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Business Cards

It's a beautiful sunny Monday morning, the start of another week and another day closer to this self employment malarky.

Over the weekend my new business cards arrived, who would of thought that a small piece of card 9.5cm x 6cm could fill you with as much joy and happiness.

This was probably the hardest part of starting up business on my own. What to call the company.

I had toyed with a few ideas which I thought were just pure 'crackin', but the look on some peoples faces when I mentioned these choices to them just confirmed that I should go with something simple and has worked for me so far and that's my name.

(cue the simple Simon jokes)

Next problem was that there are already a number of Simon Graham Photographers around the world. Also if anyone's seen Tom Cruise's film The Last Samurai you might have noticed that there is a character in it played by Timothy Spall, called Simon Graham and his profession is a "Photographer".

When you google the words Simon+Graham+Photographer you get pages and pages of Timothy Spall, Billy Connolly and Tom Cruise images. lol.

Having trawled the email addresses available, and trust me on this I spent days going through all the different options, I think, I hope and I pray (which I don't do very often) that I have made the right choice. Undeterred by the fact that a google search will be a nightmare, I went for it, and was born.

( Thats simongraham (dot) photography )

Choosing a design for your card is another great quagmire. I had no idea. Whats with all the questions.

Regular paper, thin paper, thick paper, deluxe paper, super deluxe paper, whatever the heck that is.

What colour background do you require, font style, font colour, embossed, raised print, pictures or no pictures, metallic, non metallic, matte, glossy....... aaaaarrrrrghhhhhhhh.

Anyway, after much thought, googling, temper tantrums, luck, final decisions, deletion and restarting from scratch, ohh and coffee (lots of coffee) and the need to get them made quickly this is what I have decided to go for.

You've seen the front of the card pictured above in blue and this is the back print. It's too late to change any designs now as I am sitting typing this blog surrounded in piles of them. If truth be told I'm actually quite pleased with the way they turned out.

Hopefully soon you will have one of the cards yourself, then you can stick in that little tiny pocket in your wallet or purse, the one with the 5 year old stamp in it that no-one is sure what it's actually used for.

Have a great day everyone.

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